Dog and Cat – Friends forever

Design Concept:

Size: S, M, L

Material: Cotton Color: White


Men Tee: S$26.90

Woman Tee: S$24.90

HANDMADE NECKLACE comes in pair with the tshirt:

Bone for boys & Fish for girls. -Limited Edition –

Made from Korea Clay, light and glossy . Price: S$12
Made from Japanese Cloths , Button and Felt . Price: S$15.90


3 responses

25 05 2008
me`o u'

chui` ca’i na`y de thuong wa”’ a`…

2 06 2008

chi oi, cho em order 1 bo con meo duoc ko (ao va day luon)? em la ban cua Thi. Tuan sau em se chuyen cho no dua chi ha.

26 08 2008

The idea is so nice! I want the cat tee

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