The Monster Family-handmade dolls

Mr BOBBIE: Price: $12.90/ 120K VND ( SOLD OUT)

MISS CATTIE Price $10.90/ 100K VND ( SOLD OUT)

2 FACES BABY MONSTER Price S$17.90/180K VND (SOLD OUT remake upon order)



The missing White Rabbit Price S$10.90/100K VND



Mr GURU the gangster Price S$10.90/100K VND (SOLD OUT)



Giraffie Price S$11.90/110K VND (SOLD OUT)

ETTE “who am I” Price S$10.90/110K VND (SOLD OUT)


Piggie Angel Price S$11.90/ 110K VND  (SOLD OUT both black & white)


BIG HAND MONSTER PRICE: S$15.90/ 150K VND (SOLD OUT remake upon order)


8 responses

25 05 2008

hey..i like the monster has name is Piggie..I wish i have one..^^

26 05 2008

I want the Blue Giraffie Please. !

26 05 2008

with the name Simin on it…. Thanx

26 05 2008

yeah we will customise for you

26 05 2008

sorry change the name to Jill

4 06 2008

vi i want a hippo!

4 06 2008

Haha This is monster family, not hippo family liao u! You special order I can customise 1 hippo for u baby hehe

8 10 2008

all of them are so cute! i wish i could get them all.. 😛

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