Pre-order Bags July – closed –

LADIES BAGS – CLOSED for July’s collecion. No more orders. – 

Special promotion for July ! Mua 3 tặng 1

Buy 3 bags and above, get this cute bag free ! Only for the first 5 customers! ( all redeemed! out of stock! ) 




3 ways buckle bag/ Túi khóa 3 trong 1 -$24.9/ 323K VND ( back by popular demand!)


Width 22cm Height 24 cm

B70002.  Buckle bag ( 3 way carry – sling/shoulder/backpack) -$30.90/400K VND ( back by popular demand!)

Width 28cm Height 29cm

B70005 (25). Stylish Glossy Giant bag 3colours -$24/265K VND

Chocolate Addiction


B70003. Men’s casual and office bag-$39.5 / 513,000 VND ( back by popular demand !) 

Width 35cm Height 28cm

B70004. Two-way buckle men’s bag – $35.90 / 477,000 VND ( back by popular demand ! instock! )


INTRODUCING THE LATEST TREND ! >>Transparent bags , show off your lovely pouches and cute handphones, and if you want space for discreet stuffs, there’re removable colourful inner pouches in the bags./ Túi trong suốt 2 trong 1 , đặc biệt túi bên trong có thể lấy riêng ra, dùng như 2 túi rời hoặc đeo thành 1 túi

B701. White 2 in 1 bag- SGD$29.90/ 385,000VND

Width 39cm height 32cm . inner pouch can be taken out / Túi bên trong có thể gỡ ra dùng riêng từng túi hoặc kết hợp chung thành 1 túi

B702. 5 colours 2 -in -1 mini bags – SGD$25.90/ 335,000VND

Width 27cm Height 15.5cm
Color: yellow, pink, blue, black and white
Transparent bag, with inner pouch. Chain-designed strap. Great for parties!

B703. Transparent ribbon long bag (4 colours blue,pink,yellow,white, with inner pouch ) – SGD$27.90 / 362,000VND

Width 30.5cm Height 37cm

B704. Buckle bag ( now comes in more patterns! ) – SGD$28.90 / 375,000VND

2 colours green and cream checkered Width 28cm Height 29cm

B705. 4 great colours – SGD$31.90/ 400,000VND

Width 28cm Height 29cm
2 ways to carry/ Đeo được 2 cách

B706.Giỏ đan xinh xắn – SGD$25.90 / 335,000VND

Width 37cm Height 23cm, 5 colours
Pretty with Summer colours! Flaunt that straw bag with pretty ribbons!

B707. Shape changeable bag SGD$29.90/ 380,000VND

Width 36cm Length 41cm / Colors: Grey, Gold, Brown

The bag able to change shape.Squeeze it down or pull it up! / Túi thay đổi hình dáng được tùy bạn chỉnh dây đeo

B708. Special pocket bag SGD$28.90/ 375,000VND

Unique Cosmo Blue


Width 40cm Height 29cm

B709. Many pins Bag SGD$28.90/ 375,000VND

Color: Chocolate brown, Grey, White. Width 37cm Length 32cm

B710. 3 ways carry bag – SGD$27.90/ 360,000VND

Width 29cm Length 28cm. Colours: Dark Brown, Light Brown. Carry in 3 ways: sling, shoulder and hand carry

B711. Luxurious Bag – SGD$29.90/ 380,000VND

( Crocodile skin look-alike)

Width 57cm Height 36cm Colour Fire Red, Solid Blue

B712. Cute bag – SGD$25.90 / 335,000VND

Width 26cm height 18cm. Color: Dark Brown, Light Brown

B713. Lotus bag – SGD$28.90 / 375,000VND

Width 39 cm Height 31cm

B714. Drawstring bucket – SGD$28.90 / 375,000VND

Width 45cm Length 35cm

B715. Haversack – SGD$27.90 / 362,000VND

Width 34cm height 32cm

B716. Circle chain sling and shoulder bag ( 3 colours ) – SGD$29.90 / 388,000VND

light brown, dark brown and white Width 50cm Height 36cm

B717. 2 way sling and shoulder carry ( 3 colours ) – SGD$29.90 / 388,000VND

white , orangy brown and dark brown  Width 46.5cm Length 27cm


B718.Roomy bag SGD$39.90

Width 35cm height 25cm

B719. Special design men’s sling bag – SGD$32.90

Width 23cm Height 29cm

B720. Men’s buckle shoulder roomy bag – SGD$46.90 / 590,000VND

Width 54cm Height 41cm stylish studded shoulder strap

B721. Men’s stylish sling bag – SGD$40.90 / 531,000VND

Width 37cm Length 32cm


11 responses

2 07 2008

Hey, I’d like to order some ladies’ bags to be shipped with my previous tee order as well.

1 x B707 – Gold
1 x B70001- Dark Brown
1 x B717 – White

Thank you 😀

2 07 2008

Thanks Phuong, You’re the first one who receive our free gift, the cute, sweetie bag

2 07 2008

B710 Dark Brown
woo weeee

3 07 2008

i want B70001 and B70003… two only… but a lot of money already. can i have the promotional item?!!!


3 07 2008

oh/// my B70001 should be the light brown colour. thanks.


3 07 2008
Quynh Anh

Tạm thời chị lấy cái B70002 màu dark brown. Có gì đặt tiếp sau.

4 07 2008

B713 for michelle 🙂

4 07 2008

Julie, get one more lah ~ 🙂

4 07 2008

chi lay 1 cai B70003. Thk e

9 07 2008
be ga noh chi V, hehe

Chi V ui, e lay cai B70005 mau den nghen^^

10 08 2008

chi oi may mau tui do con hang ko?..dat thi bao lau ve Viet nam ha chi?

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