Height enhancer, Silicone beauty enhancers

Height enhancer, push up silicon bra, nipple sticker, butt lifter are now available here !

A simple way to impress your partner with your charm!
Get that extra cleavage and flaunt your sexy back!

Promotion Period : March -April $1 off for all the products

1) FreeBra Push up – $15

very very comfy and secure. Flaunt your sexy cleavage and show of your back with that sexy number ! The FreeBra is the ultimate strapless, backless bra solution for that no-underwear-is-better dress!

Introducing The FreeBra.
Women have struggled for years to find the perfect bra. Under-wire bras are uncomfortable and you can often see the lines under your clothes. Strapless bras can cut into your skin and seem to be forever falling down. Finally there’s a solution and it’s called the FreeBra.

FreeBra is the amazing bra that gives you the look of a natural added cup size, gives you sensational cleavage, and is comfortable to wear day or night. You can wear it with any strapless or backless fashion because it’s invisible under clothes and looks completely natural.

Re-usable, self-adhesive and self-supportive silicone cups are front closure for cleavage and lift. separate cups
allow the body maximum flexibility and movement.Can be worn more than 100 times when properly cared for.
Wash with soap and water then air dry. The adhesive regenerates after it dries. FreeBra stick-on bra, is not just another backless and strapless bra – in fact, FreeBra is a revolutionary invention that answers many women’s prayers! FreeBra stick-on is so soft and comfortable, once it adheres to your body it feels like a natural part of you. Experiment to create different degrees of cleavage by positioning the bra cups closer to each other or farther apart – the possibilities are limitless!


M : cup A to small B

L: cup B to C

2) Nipple Silicon Pad – $ 5
light, very comfort and secure

3) Butt Push Up – $15
Guarantee butt lift without needles!

4) Height Enhancer – $ 12  – (export to KOREA)
actual item is similar to the last pic. It can heighten your guy’s height by up to 5cm, so ladies, bring on those killer heels!
It is uber comfortable and pleasant to the nose, and looks au-naturel! Ladies can use it in your wedges too 🙂 . Best to wear inside your sport shoes / batas

So impress your friends or just simply look good next to your partner now!

Important notes , pls read : This is the first time we’re spreeing for these products. Items might differ in color or height slightly. Pls consult your doctor if you’re allergic. Wittee will not take any responsibility for any side effects, if any.

Place your order at sales@witteewonderland.com or vi@witteewonderland.com


3 responses

28 03 2010

hi, i’m interested in the height enhancer

Qty: 1

email: springkey@hotmail.com

21 04 2010

Hi sianlye,
My apology, I was away for oversea trip. I just droped you an email.
Dear all customers,
Please email directly to sales@witteewonderland.com for orders
thanks a lot

9 05 2010
Shirley Ong

Hi, just like to check what is the status of the “Body Enhancements Spree #1”

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