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Wittee is the creation of Vi and Jerlle, designers who design with love and passion. Upon graduation from Lasalle College of the Arts, Vi and Jerlle decide to fulfill their dream of making Wittee a renowned brand that is fun-loving, chic and friendly for youngsters and the young at heart ones.


 Jerlle & Vi ( From left to right)

Vi: Diploma of Communication Design, currently working as a web designer and graphic design freelancer. She loves to do graphic illustration. Visit VI’s Personal website here http://vi.wittee.net

Jerlle: BA Hons of Advertising Design. She has been making and selling her own accessories since 2007 at her personal blog http://cloudlittleblessings.blogspot.com/

Chat with us at: MSN ID tv_sunnygirl@yahoo.com



Wittee, can also be known as Witty or Witty Tee ( as most of our designs are printed on t-shirt) is the wonderland of imagination and freedom illustrated by Vi and Jer . Using their niches in graphic illustration and characters design, the design outcome will be colourful and interesting, to the extent that not only designers, but anyone would fall in love with it. Join us in our Wittee wonderland and flaunt our message to the creative world!.

::Wittee had gone MAAD in 2008 at Red Dot Museum. Check it out ::

We have unique, contemporary and creative t-shirt designs, fashion import selections and handmade accessories.

Since each product of Wittee is one of a kind, our clothes are all exclusive! Some are specially handcarried from other countries and therefore Wittee has only one in the entire shop. For more enquiries, do not hesitate to email us at sales@wittee.net, we’ll be glad to help!

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3 responses

14 04 2008

Howdy! Neat blog!! 🙂 Lemme know when guy’s fashion line are out. i’d be interested. lolx

21 04 2008
Chau Nguyen

Looking good, guys. All the best!

7 07 2008

everything’s so lovely!Like all ^^

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