“Wittee Goes Maad” at Red dot Museum

6 10 2008

We started set up pretty early in the morning. From the so-called the toe separator friends’ wonderland to victoria beds and earring hanger, see what we got here:

And here we had, Wittee Wonderland Booth, got ready to goes MAAD yo yo!

Presenting to you the 2 pretty lovely creators of Wittee

Jerlle and Vi ( from left to right)

in corporate with Alicia, the creators of all the little cute felt animals 😉

The first customer on Sat,Christine even left her contact with us. In the photo below, Jerlle was customizing the necklace for her and she was  very interested in our couple tshirt designs:

Carrie Chong, Singapore ex DJ for 98 FM, approached Wittee booth to asked us to join her website featuring desginers around Singapore. She was so elegant and pretty. We were so glad talking to her. 


 (Carrie Chong and Jerlle talking)

And following by photos of wittee’s customers

( the lady in blue tee bought our “widemouthSHUT” )


(The girl and her boyfriend was also very interested in our couple tee designs)


(This group of girls liked our necklace a lot)

Vi were so thankful for her ex-colleagues in Commontown that came to support Wittee:Lu Yee, Eric, Audrey, Jean,and Irene)The first 2 “meet your doom” tee shirts were sold to Irene.



Many of them found that our designed dolls are very cute and interesting. One ang mo girl bought 2 characters from us which had the most distinctive characteristics : Lao Pok Pok and Hi-Yakk san.

“Hi-Yakk san”

” Lao Pok Pok”


The 2 days at MAAD artist and designers market was really an unforgettable experience for Wittee. Even the heavy rain in Sunday also couldn’t stop us from being energetic and happy through out the whole events to serve our customers the best that we could

An exciting moment of Vi =)

and her sister is a big fan of Wittee too

We are all wearing our tee designed which we silk screen printed ourselves and tailor the tshirt shape. ::CLICK HERE to FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR NEW COLLECTION OF TEE::

We also customise necklaces and bracelet on the spot for some customers.

  Jerlle at work 🙂

And the two cute sweetie young girls insisted on buying from us, their father, therefore, understandingly waiting for us making the bracelet for his older daughter. 

And Wittee Wonderland proved itself to be an attractive place for kids always

We have come to the end of our report, thanks for patiently reading our stories till this line ^____^

This is a passionate kiss as a thank you and goodbye from the toe separator couple to all wittee’s shoppers 

 muacks muacks….xoxoxoxo See you again in our next activities!!!!




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